Friday, October 24, 2008

Tony Campolo: Keep Abortion Legal, Gay Rights Next

Tony Campolo reduces the Holy Scriptures that reflect The Holiness of God, the salvation and sanctification of sinners to mere personal morality that is subjugated to the politics of men...

The Virginia Baptist Mission Board is so impressed with Campolo's theology, they invited him to tell them more!

And look at the ecumenical, pro-abortion effort Tony Campolo endorses...

'Evangelicals' ripped for plugging Dems' abortion platform

A group of Catholic and evangelical leaders -- men such as Joel Hunter, Jim Wallis, Doug Kmiec, and Tony Campolo -- held a teleconference Tuesday to declare that Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have taken a "historic" and "positive step establishing common ground that will lead to abortion reduction."

Several pro-life leaders have taken issue with those who held the teleconference to tout the Democrats' platform. One of them is Mark Crutcher, the president of Life Dynamics, Inc. in Denton, Texas. He says the religious leaders in question are "garden variety pro-aborts" who are trying to make Obama and the Democratic platform seem reasonable.

...So I think that what's happening right now is that God is showing us who the people are that we can count on -- and obviously these pro-aborts, like the ones you're mentioning here, are not people that can be counted on," the pro-life activist asserts. "They're heretics and they're liars."

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